About us

“Every smile makes you a day younger.” – Chinese proverb

Welcome to Dr Trivikram Rao(Dr Vikram),s ALL SMILES Dental Clinic, the leading Cosmetic Dental Centre in Bangalore.

Having treated thousands of patients in a span of 15 years, Cosmetic dentist and Implant Surgeon Dr Vikram has gained a reputation as one of the pioneers in cosmetic dental treatments and Dental Implants. He practices high-quality work ethics to provide the best services to his patients. His centre is exclusively dedicated to Cosmetic dentistry (Smile makeovers), Hi quality Dental Implants and Orthodontics. All procedures are carried out with the most advanced technology and precision techniques. The clinic is visited by some of the top-tier personalities who favour services only from Dr Vikram due to his outstanding ranking and credibility. Dento- phobic patients are allayed of any fears of dental procedures. At ALL SMILES, Dr Vikram offers painless, high-calibre, result-oriented treatments to the patients seeking high quality cosmetic dental treatments.

Here smile makeovers are sculpted with love and passion. Every smile makeover he designs comes backed with an experience of having created over 6500 smiles in the past 15 years. He is ably supported by a master ceramist and a state of the art lab. You can be sure that here you get your dream smile. And with the use of world class materials and our invaluable experience he ensures that only the best is delivered.

With a smile makeover by Cosmetic Dentist Dr Trivikram(Dr Vikram) you can get a transformation if you have teeth with gaps, crooked teeth, oversized, small teeth, dark teeth, Missing teeth protruding or fractured teeth, bad crowns or old fillings on the front teeth. All in less than a week in 2-3 visits.

Our facility is endowed with the latest equipment that aid in clear diagnosis and treatments. The RVG and OPG (digital dental radiography) produce high-quality image outputs for better visualization. The dental loupe equipment provides clarity in vision to arrive at precise results during the operation. The 3M Pentamix machine is an automated mixer and dispensing machine for impression material for recording accurate and void-free impressions. The rotary endodontic system causes fewer tooth traumas translating into superior root canal fillings. Fool proof sterilization is achieved with the digital vacuum autoclave (MELAG from Germany). Instant sterilization machines, state-of-the-art dental implant setups offer top notch experience at the Dr Vikrams ALL SMILES Cosmetic Dental Centre.

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