Advantages of cosmetic dentistry

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” – Phyllis Diller

Cosmetic dentistry is evolving as the front runner of all procedures due to its ability to improve the smile. Cosmetic dentistry takes into account the appearance of the patient, besides treating and preventing dental problems. There are also several social advantages to cosmetic dentistry. The field and subsequently the procedures have many benefits:

  • Cosmetic dentistry bestows the patient with enhanced physical appearance and psychological relief from low self-esteem. It was just yesterday that a patient would have been happy with a broken or chipped tooth. But with increasing awareness about cosmetic dentistry, individuals began to notice positive results as defects were corrected. The procedures are now widely available and even at low prices.

  • Cosmetic dentistry costs are far lower when compared with other beautifying surgeries.

  • The procedure lasts for a very long time. Once performed, a patient can live with the procedure for about ten years. This is one of the biggest cost-saving factors, unlike other procedures where regular and periodic visits to the hospital are required.

  • Cosmetic dentistry has shorter recovery times. Other cosmetic procedures can be painful and have prolonged healing times.

  • The success rates of cosmetic dentistry are very high.

  • All aesthetic issues can be addressed with cosmetic dentistry. The procedure will correct and improve misshapen teeth, gapped or cracked teeth.

  • Overall, cosmetic dentistry makes an individual look younger and feel more confident.

  • It can also increase career prospects. A straight and shining smile gives an impression of confidence thus augmenting the opportunity to secure the job.

  • One of the greatest health benefits of cosmetic dentistry is the prevention of future dental damage and motivational hygiene and maintenance routines. Misaligned teeth lead to severe headaches, which can be corrected with cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Trivikram Rao is a dental health professional who provides unparalleled dental therapies and treats patients as members of a family.


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