Assess your smile

“Use your smile to change the world; don’t let the world change your smile.” – Chinese proverb

A smile can boost self-confidence, makes a person look better and enhances self-esteem. It has a positive impact on individuals’ personal and professional relationships, increasing their ability to communicate effectively. Most people don’t smile because they are embarrassed with their teeth and as a result, hide their smiles. When people don’t smile, there is a negative perception about their persona. It is an indication of non-receptiveness, non-acceptance, low self-esteem and a discernment of incapability.

Modern day cosmetic dentistry is extremely helpful in such situations. It not only restores a smile, but it also reinstates self-regard, dignity and stability in society. It is first, important to assess your smile to rectify any undesirable signs. A smile assessment helps both the patient and the doctor determine the extent of the abnormality and the corrective action that might have to be taken.

A smile assessment will consist of the following queries (and if):

– Teeth are stained yellow due to coffee/tea

– There are spaces in between the front of the teeth

  • – The teeth have a different hue with a broad smile
  • – Too long or wide upper front teeth are noticed
  • – ‘Stuck out’ front teeth
  • – Crooked and uneven appearance of the lower six front teeth
  • – The fillings in the front teeth are of a different colour than that of the natural teeth
  • – Gums show with a broad smile
  • – A “V” shaped erosion is noted on the necks of any of the teeth
  • – The ‘Half-moon-shaped’ curve, which is a sign of healthy teeth is absent
  • – Presence of an unaesthetic smile

If the answer is ‘YES’ to even any one of the above queries, consult Dr. Trivikram Rao immediately for a fresh, natural smile.

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