Beautiful Smile – The best conqueror

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” – Mother Teresa

A smile is extremely powerful. It is one of the most natural expressions of friendship and love.

To know more about the power of the smile:

  • People are automatically drawn towards a smile.

  • A genuine smile is especially helpful when new individuals meet each other. While a glare or a frown may push them away, a smile draws them closer.

  • A forceful smile can relieve all feelings of depression within an individual. The body and mind are led to think that the mood is good and enhance their functionalities, making the person feel better.

  • Several studies have shown that a smile can boost the body’s immunity against disease and infection. The body’s performance is enriched thus protecting itself from maladies.

  • A smile can provide relief from blood pressure. A deep breath with a smile can decrease stress rates and surprisingly calm the individual thus dropping the blood pressure to normal.

  • Endorphins and serotonins are natural pain killers, which are released into the system when a person smiles. As the famous proverb indicates “Grin and bear it”, the endorphin reduces the pain and serotonin act as a mood enhancer thus diminishing pain.

  • Younger-looking features can be achieved with constant smiling. The best way to work out facial muscles is with a smile.

  • Conflicts can be easily diffused with a smile. If an argument ensues with a partner or a co-worker, the best way to resolve it would be with a smile. The expression on their faces let people know how they feel about each other. A smile conveys a feeling of peace at the same time not projecting defensiveness.

  • A smile can land an individual a job because the jury would rather go with the person who has a genuine smile than with the one that has a constant frown on their face.

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