How to Correct Gummy Smile ?

Gummy Smile is a condition wherein too much gum tissue is exposed when you smile. Sometimes even the teeth are also exposed even when you are not smiling. The ratio of lips – gums – teeth is not well balanced. Fortunately gummy smile can easily be corrected. Sometimes the teeth just look small because when […]

New Teeth in One Day

Yes it’s all magic, All Smiles Dental Clinic, one of the leading Cosmetic Dental Centre in Bangalore which offers Hi-Quality functional replacements for missing teeth with the state of art Dental Implants. What is a dental implant? A Dental Implant is a replacement for natural teeth which allows the person with missing tooth/teeth to return to […]

Dental Crowns and Bridges- To Help Restore Decaying Teeth and Missing teeth

Dental Crown is a dental procedure that has aesthetic and functional utilities. In other words, a dental crown is practically a “new teeth” that fits on the natural tooth. They have some similarities with dental veneers. Dental Crown/Cap is required for damaged teeth or root canal treated teeth.Crown brings back the shape, appearance and function […]