How to Choose a Good Cosmetic Dentist?

A few words of caution!

Cosmetic dental procedures like Smile makeovers require high levels of expertise and state of the art setup. Cosmetic dentists take a long time to mature and deliver good results; hence it is always important to choose the cosmetic dentist carefully. Most of the big dental procedures like SMILE MAKEOVER and DENTAL IMPLANTS are ONCE A LIFE TIME treatment procedures which cannot be left to chance. We have been treating a lot of patients who have undergone unsatisfactory cosmetic dental treatment elsewhere with inexperienced doctors who use cheap and substandard materials and get lab work done by cheap technicians. You should not pick your cosmetic dentist by price only. Here the old cliché applies: you get what you pay for. If you get the smile you want, then the positive outcome is priceless. Your cosmetic dentist should share with you, in detail, the results of the diagnosis and treatment plan. If you have any questions, your cosmetic dentist should be able to answer them satisfactorily, in order to provide the best possible treatment.



How to choose a good cosmetic dentist?

When you visit any cosmetic dentist for a consultation the following questions will help you judge him/her.

– What is the experience of the cosmetic dentist in particular to smile makeovers?

— How many cases has the doctor performed in so far?

— Does the cosmetic dentist have the support of an experienced master ceramist(Technician) and does he do case specific work based on the requirements of the case ?

– Can the cosmetic dentist show the before and after photographs of the cases done? Any good cosmetic dentist should be able to proudly show his work to prospective patients.

– Can the doctor give a reference of patients have undergone smile makeovers?

– – What are the pros and cons for this procedure?

— How many visits and how much time are required to complete this procedure?

— How do I maintain my smile makeover results?

– What quality of materials are used by the cosmetic dentist during the course of treatment to deliver results?

— Are my gums in good health before I start this cosmetic procedure? The Cosmetic Consultation with Dr Vikram

On your first consultation with Dr Vikram you will be screened for the following things

– Comprehensive oral examination of your teeth for your gum health. -Detailed smile assessment.

-Complete diagnostic impressions with study casts.

– Complete bite analysis.

– Intra-oral photos of your teeth showing your teeth, any rotations, any asymmetry on your teeth and the gums, any grinding, and the comparison ratios of the size of your teeth. Before starting the treatment we need to understand your expectations. You will be shown examples of previous work that we have carried out similar to yours. We keep the before and after photographs of the cases we have done which can be useful to judge the quality of our work.

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