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The factors that decide the final cost of cosmetic dentistry are :

1. The expertise of the dentist.

Cosmetic Dentistry is more of an art than an exact science. The cosmetic dentist should have enough expertise, passion; great understanding of the materials used and attention to detail in planning your smile .That requires extensive training which is not available in regular dental schools.Only a dentist who has spent considerable time and amount in learning from the right sources and places can deliver a great result.

2. The quality of materials used during the treatment.

There are many high quality materials needed during the treatment procedure to deliver a great result.


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The quality and appearance of the final crown/veneer heavily depend on the type of impression materials used. Only high quality materials like 3M IMPREGUM have higher dimensional stability. Impressions with cheaper materials like ALGINATE do not record the finer details accurately.


Crowns  and Dental Veneers

Bonding of crowns/veneers is a very complex process that involves a variety of expensive materials .All metal free crowns and veneers should always be bonded to the teeth rather than cemented. The final crown/veneer derives its strength and translucency from bonding. It is easier for the dentist to charge less when he/she is cementing the crown rather than bonding .But it results in a bad result.

3. The choice of porcelain material and choice of laboratory.

The choice of porcelain/ceramic material is best decided by the cosmetic dentist. It depends on the factors like the position of teeth, shade of teeth etc. The choice of lab by the dentist is another very important factor in deciding the quality of final crown/veneer. Please note that by getting the work done by a substandard lab it is possible for the dentist to offer a crown at a low cost but it is YOU who has to live with a low quality result for the rest of your life.

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