Dental Crowns and Bridges- To Help Restore Decaying Teeth and Missing teeth

Dental Crown is a dental procedure that has aesthetic and functional utilities. In other words, a dental crown is practically a “new teeth” that fits on the natural tooth. They have some similarities with dental veneers. Dental Crown/Cap is required for damaged teeth or root canal treated teeth.Crown brings back the shape, appearance and function of the damaged tooth to its original form.Fitted over the original tooth after removing the decay the crown strengthens and protects the remaining tooth structure.


A dental crown has the same uses as may have (all cosmetic) dental veneers, but also can be used for other more functional purposes such as:

  • Strengthen teeth: If a tooth is too weak or too small, the use of veneers would not be appropriate, since they only have limited usefulness and aesthetics to cover part of the tooth. In this case, the dental crown is an ideal treatment for the patient.

  • Dental bridges-Cover missing teeth: If a patient has a very large space between two teeth because they have lost the tooth that was between them, it is possible to recover the lost teeth by placing dental bridges by taking support from the adjacent teeth. Something similar to what appears in the image:

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