Get A Selfie Ready Smile!

Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.” – Yoko Ono.

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Human faces are the most efficient mechanism to grab attention. People notice faces first. The eyes are drawn towards the profile picture of an individual on social media. Most comments are attracted towards a profile with a portrait picture on it and more so if there is a photo with a smile. Faces drive us into action and compel us to look at them. Looking directly into the camera makes an instant connection with the individual looking at the photograph. Humans naturally tend to follow faces, gazes and smiles. Selfies on social media make people self-conscious forcing them to deliberate about their appearance. And in a whole context, if people are sentient about the way they look, they will more often smile to improvise it. Selfies are close-up snapshots taken with a camera that is hand-held usually on a phone, from a short distance. That makes individuals aware of their smile and teeth. They have to arrive at that picture perfect selfie smile especially at weddings and events.

Cosmetic dentistry is probably the only practice that can instantly help an individual obtain a selfie-ready smile. Teeth and gums are prepared to glow at the camera. If teeth are yellowish and lack lustre then teeth whitening procedures restore their colour in under an hour. Cracked, chipped, crooked and broken teeth are fixed to reveal a confident smile for the picture. Red, bleeding or discoloured gums can spoil a smile. Gum cleaning sessions will restore a healthy tinge and gives the smile a good shape.

Dr. Trivikram Rao treats some of the top celebrities to project their best selfie and photo ready smiles. He sees to it that they always present an ever ready smile be it for a big event or their promotional photo sessions.

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