How to Correct Gummy Smile ?

Gummy Smile is a condition wherein too much gum tissue is exposed when you smile. Sometimes even the teeth are also exposed even when you are not smiling. The ratio of lips – gums – teeth is not well balanced. Fortunately gummy smile can easily be corrected. Sometimes the teeth just look small because when you smile there is an imbalance between the gums and upper lip.

Gummy Smile Correction

What causes gummy smile?

•    Over-developed elevation of the muscle present in the upper lip
•    When the upper lip and the gums are joined too closely
•    Presence of excess gum tissue
•    Undersized teeth

How is gummy smile treated?

Botox– An over-developed elevation muscle can be weakened with a few small injections of Botox in the elevation muscles of the upper lip. Botox ensures that the elevated muscle contracts in a less powerful manner so that the upper lip isn’t lifted as high as before when smiling. This means that the gums are less exposed when you smile. The doctor gives you a few Botox injections just next to the nose. The amount of Botox units you need depends on the strength of the muscle. Generally 10 units of Botox are sufficient.

Myotomy– The plastic surgeon weakens the elevation muscle present between the gums and the upper lip. This procedure is performed with a local anaesthetic and lasts about an hour. The incision is made inside the mouth so that the scar is invisible. A myotomy operation gives permanent results.

Cosmetic Dentistry-Sometimes the teeth are just too small when compared to the gums. The cosmetic dentist can increase the surface of the teeth with the help of specialised treatments like attaching facings and attaching crowns.

Gingivoplasty or Gingivectomy– Sometimes the teeth look too small because they are surrounded by too much gum tissue. A gingivoplasty or gingivectomy treatment can offer a solution. If this is the case the cosmetic dentist will increase the surface of the teeth by correcting the gum tissue.

Dr. Vikram is a cosmetic dentist and implantologist practicing in Bangalore for over 16 years now. He  has been instrumental in recreating many smiles with the help of a dedicated team.

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