Gummy smile correction

Gummy smile correction

“A smile is a universal welcome.” – Max Eastman

During a smile the upper teeth will be overshadowed by excessive gums. In another case, the gum tissue may appear too large and the upper teeth too short due to the volume of gingival display. These conditions are known as “gummy smiles”. A gummy smile can have a negative impact on smile aesthetics. There are several treatment options available for the correction of the gummy smile.

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Causes of gummy smiles

 Upper jaw bone growth and development

 Bulging and protrusion of upper jaw

 Hyperactive muscles of the upper lip causing lips to rise higher than normal

 Abnormal eruption of teeth

 Undersized teeth

The smile line is considered as a viable tool to judge the aesthetic appearance of a smile. The line follows the upper border of the lip and in many cases reveals too much gum tissue. When smiling the visible gum tissue should be balanced and have even contours compatible to the upper lip. The more serious, underlying dental conditions cannot be ignored either. If the gummy smile is the result of improper development, then bite consistencies will have to be corrected first before improving the smile.

Dr. Trivikram Rao is an experienced cosmetic dentist who reshapes the gum line that helps the lengthening of teeth, produces a symmetrical gum line and effectively reduces the volume of gum display to generate the perfect smile.

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