Instant beauty

“I think that anybody that smiles automatically looks better.” – Diane Lane

Smile Makeover in India

A research on faces showed that there are certain components such as proper bone structure and adequate facial symmetry that contribute to beautiful features. So do beautiful smiles. A beautiful smile requires aligned and symmetrical teeth. The colour of teeth should correspond with the tone of the face. The teeth should be shaped to adapt to the contour of the face and should reflect light. A harmonious smile is achieved when the teeth are in proportion to one another. It is popular belief that only tedious plastic surgery can minimize aging, and yet there is a fear of the knife. And then there are less invasive forms of treatment such as collagen injections and Botox, which are just temporary fixes. Regular maintenance is a necessity for such procedures. The gradual and growing awareness of cosmetic dentistry has made it a preferred choice as against painful plastic surgery.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are simple and quick giving youthfulness and beauty instantly.

Holding back a smile can have drastic effects on facial contours. Lower facial skin tone is lost when individuals constantly hide their lips, cover their teeth and withdraw smiles. There are signs of a drooping facial contour, thus eventually blanketing the smile and aging the face. Improved techniques in cosmetic dentistry can fix teeth in just a few hours. Corrective fillings, crowns or caps, bridges, and teeth whitening take just a single sitting to complete providing patients with a glowing smile. These treatments are crucial to restoring jaw and skin contours and maintain facial adequacy.

Dr. Trivikram Rao urges patients to choose cosmetic dentistry as a choice against surgical corrections that take a long time to heal. Even then, the result may or may not please the patient. Instead cosmetic dentistry is a painless and straightforward treatment that provides instant and evident results.

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