Porcelain/ Ceramic Veneers/ Laminates

“All people smile in the same language.” – Proverb

Porcelain /ceramic veneers are thin shells which can virtually correct any kind of appearance related problem with teeth. Also known as dental porcelain laminates they provide strength and resilience in addition to change in size, shape, colour and positioning of teeth. The result is stronger, healthier set teeth as against the naturally existing enamel. Porcelain laminate veneers are one of the best choices for creating the ideal smile and look. They are very successful in situations where a tooth is crooked, uneven and has poor colours and contours.

Veneer is made of thin ceramic layers and bonded with a resin adhesive on to the prepared enamel. Creating the right bond between the teeth and the porcelain veneer is extremely crucial for aesthetic perfection. All porcelain veneers have to be only bonded with a special resin .They should never be cemented (though cementation is a cheaper process for the dentist). A special curing light is used to harden this light-sensitive resin. One of the primary benefits of veneers is that it is practically possible to get an extremely natural and stunning result in a short span i.e in less than a week. The veneers are Coffee, tea and cigarettes stain-resistant also. They help maintain the colour and along with it the health of the teeth. Natural teeth remain intact with veneer surfaces with a minimal amount of alteration. When tooth whitening fails, porcelain veneers are considered as the next best option. A through smile analysis is needed to gauge the necessary steps that might have to be taken to achieve the desired smile. Dr Trivikram(Dr Vikram), an expert cosmetic dentist in Bangalore offers smile makeovers with dental veneers/crowns. An improved smile can boost a person’s self-image, making them more confident in their daily lives.

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Any adult having teeth with gaps, crooked teeth, oversized, small teeth, dark teeth, protruding or fractured teeth is a candidate for smile makeover. This treatment is not a surgery and your teeth can be straightened without braces/orthodontic treatment and can be finished in just 5-7 days in just 2-3 visits.

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