Smile Designing

“Your smile can change the world for the better.” – Unknown

There are several principles to smile designing. The final output is to attain a functionally stable smile. The structure of the teeth, lips and face express a range of human emotions also concluding the person’s stature and acceptance in the society. The objective of smile designing is to achieve a well-balanced masticatory system. The teeth, joints, muscles and the surrounding skeletal structures should work in harmony to get the perfect smile.

There is basically little difference between planning treatment for aesthetic cases and comprehensive patient care. In order to obtain the desired smile design, along with healthy functionalities, it is extremely essential to have an explicit understanding of the oral structures, gingival tissues, occlusions, bones, joints etc. A thorough analysis and evaluation of facial and dental composition is imperative. The dental composition frame work consists of the teeth and gingival tissues and facial composition constitutes of the soft tissues and hard tissues of the face. A smile design is inclusive of the evaluation of both compositions and their harmonization to arrive at a smile.

The elements of smile designing are:

  • Facial composition – facial aesthetics are evaluated and a multi-disciplinary approach may be planned for the smile.

  • Dental composition – vital segments of the dental composition: tooth components and soft tissue components.

    • Tooth components – incisal length, dental midline (location and alignment), tooth dimensions, axial inclinations, ICA and ICP

    • Soft tissue components – gingival harmony, gingival health

    • Degree of display of the tooth

    • Phonetics

  • Dimensions of the tooth – dental proportion in relation to facial morphology is evaluated

With the above constituents used as a guide, a smile would be appealing and functionally sound.

Dr. Trivikram Rao implements a systematic approach of evaluation, diagnosis and predictable resolution of aesthetic problems with an ultimate goal to achieving a pleasing smile.

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