Smile Makeover

“Smiling makes people feel good and positive, conveying a sense of goodwill, rapport and trust.” – Dr.T.P.Chia

Smile makeover in Bangalore

If you are the one who has been hiding your smile then read on to know how you can achieve a STUNNING SMILE MAKEOVER in less than a week. Smile makeover, Smile Designing, Smile Sculpting, Smile lift are different names to denote cosmetic dentistry procedures.

A smile makeover aims to improve the appearance of the smile with the help of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry involves treatment procedures with Dental Porcelain veneers, Composite bonding, Porcelain crowns, teeth whitening and Gum depigmentation. It also involves tooth implants if there are any missing teeth.

Dr. Trivikram Rao performs smile makeovers unique to the analysis and examination of every individual. He maintains the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with each smile that he creates.

A smile makeover has several considerations such as skin tone, facial appearance, the colour of the hair, the colour of the teeth, the length, width, display and shape of teeth, etc.


-The tooth colour is one of the most important considerations of a smile makeover. Dark and discoloured teeth are suggestive of age and a well-shaped, bright colour is used to lend a youthful appearance .Tooth coloured composite restorations and porcelain veneers are used to replace silver amalgam fillings to improve the colour of dull teeth.. -Overlapping gaps and crooked teeth can be straightened with the help of any of the above mentioned procedure just in a span of 1 week. Smile makeover of crooked and chipped teeth helps attain facial harmony and balance. — Missing teeth are a structural impairment and it is necessary to fill the space to restore facial aesthetics. Dental implants or bridges are options in such a case. -If there is a presence of a gummy smile, the gum line is modified to lengthen the teeth. Smile line is aligned as is the proportion of the teeth. A proportionate smile will have two dominant frontal teeth (width to length ratio is 4 to 5). – The texture of the teeth is characterized to create more feminine or masculine appearances, as preferred by the patient, also taking into account the look and feel of natural teeth. The longevity of cosmetic dental procedure is very high. The patient may go about their normal oral hygiene and teeth maintenance routines unless otherwise specified.

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