Smile sculpting

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of joy.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Aesthetic smile designs take into consideration periodontal factors such as gingival tissues and teeth to reshape their display, essentially sculpting them to reveal a flawless smile. Dental contouring is a technique that removes small amounts of enamel from the tooth to achieve change in shape, length and surface of the teeth. Abrasion techniques are carried out by first highlighting the areas that need to be sculpted. The sanding instrument is then used to minimize and eliminate irregularities of the teeth surfaces. A sandpaper-like material is moved over the teeth used to achieve contour. Teeth are then polished and smoothed. Each of the teeth is set in a frame of the periodontal tissue which is crucial to the gorgeous smile.

Sometimes, the gum tissue would have grown down on the teeth, giving an illusion of small teeth. The position of the gingival margin is sculpted to achieve margin contributing to the increase or decrease in crown height or length of the teeth. Thus, the gum around the teeth is reshaped or contoured to reinvent smile and improve patient oral health. A minimally invasive laser procedure is done for gingival contouring to reveal natural-looking gums. Unusually shaped teeth and very small teeth can be corrected with gum reshaping.

Smile sculpting procedures are painless and cost-effective. The biggest advantages of these methods are that they have the dual benefit of cosmetic remodelling along with oral health maintenance. Tooth and gingival reshaping are the first steps towards comprehensive cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Trivikram Rao conducts a thorough assessment of teeth and gums before doing sculpting procedures. Dental x-rays are taken to evaluate the pulp surrounding each tooth to ensure the existence of enough bone between the teeth. For unhealthy oral conditions, a consistent treatment plan is drawn up to create bright smiles.

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